Minnetonka Medical Building 6/27/13

Neighborhood Endorses this Plan

Hello Everyone,
We have received feedback from many in the neighborhood, both via email and in person. We had a nice meeting with many of the neighbors yesterday that are directly adjacent to the site. Most of the feedback has been very positive. We are pleased with the new setbacks, preservation of many more trees and wooded areas, and landscaping plan that do seem to preserve our neighborhood. The neighborhood has had to compromise but on balance, we believe that the residential feel of our neighborhood will be preserved. Molly will stand up again on July 15th, representing our neighborhood group, to publicly support the plans.

The negative feedback we have received is still about the size of the building feeling that it wasn’t reduced enough in size, concerns about adequate parking and lighting in the parking lots (lighting management plans), concerns that this will still be done in two phases and wondering how long it will take to bring parking up to par. We think the size of the building can be offset by the significant change in set back, proof of parking, preservation of more trees and the landscaping plan. There have been significant changes from the original proposal that should off set the perception of the development. The majority of the neighborhood is comfortable with this. Some neighbors have commented that you can ‘change the plans at any time after they are approved.’ There is concern about construction traffic on Highwood Drive. We expect the Davis Group to address these concerns at the next city council meeting on July 15th. We hope everyone in the neighborhood will join us there.

Thanks to all our amazing neighbors and to our supporters for helping us get to this place in the process. By far the best part has been getting to know so many of the GREAT residents of Minnetonka. We hope to see you all at our annual Minnetonka Night Out on Aug.6th. Thanks to the Davis Group for working with us and thanks to the City of Minnetonka for giving us the opportunity to have more input.

Preserve Highwood Neighborhood Steering Committee